Friday, November 11, 2011

D.I.Y. Fri(day): pennant banner

As I was making a holiday version of these yesterday to "holiday-ize" (that is so not a word!) the all things bean booth, I thought what a great D.I.Y. this could be. I plan to make some to decorate our next baby's nursery & my sister made a bunch for her reception area - the perfect accessory for her ranch wedding.

These are SO easy to make, a great way to re-purpose clothing that is past it's prime & just use up some of those leftover pieces of fabric.

1. Measure out a length of ribbon - leave room on the ends depending on how you plan to attach. (I like 1" grosgrain - it holds up well).
2. Make a triangle pattern - I cut mine from cardstock.
3. Determine the order you want the fabrics to repeat in. I like laying them out along the ribbon to see if the patterns & colors play well together :)
4. Start tracing your triangles!
5. Cut out with pinking shears.
6. Using a fabric glue stick, glue your ribbon to the top (front) of your triangles. You shouldn't need pins but feel free to throw some in for extra hold.
7. Stitch along the top of the ribbon, 1/4" from the edge. Voila - pennant banner! (or whatever you want to call it). Instant decor for any occasion & lots of fun for new babies to look at.
*Play around with your triangle size - mine are pretty big so they stand out in the booth, but some little ones could be fun in smaller spaces.

Happy Friday bean friends!

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